Hello, I’m Riad Kilani, a Front End Web Developer.

I like to make the web a more beautiful place one pixel at a time.

My technical job title is a “Front End Developer”, and the easiest way to explain what I do is simple. I bring creative designs to life by making them work on the web.

Truthfully, there is more to it than just that. What I really do is bring web designs to life by using things like typography, color, semantics, code and other web snazzy terms, and make them work together as a single unit. The end results are web sites that are user friendly with great user experiences. It’s a good thing I do this every day, because I can not only make your web sites look good, but I can also make them work for you, your business and your clients.

Being a front end developer is how I make a living, but I also enjoy the technical sides as well. I thrive on the “geek” in me to build solid, responsive websites, and at the same time, I have that creative kid in me that can design stunning graphical creations too.

Take a look at my Portfolio

My latest take on life is blogging about the things I like most when it comes to web design. I have started publishing online tutorials teaching what I love so much, “the web” on my blog, Alignment Labs. Since I am in the business, I also love playing video games. So naturally, I have a blog site for that as well called fissiongaming. Here I talk about the latest gaming news and show off videos of my somewhat awesome yet some times awful playing. Both of these sites are in the making, but if you prefer to get a quicker view of my blogging, just check out my portfolio.