Infinite Scrolling, don’t over do it

Infinite Scrolling, don’t over do it

So we have all seen the infinite scrolling effect that many websites are incorporating now. It’s great right? Well, a lot of times it is and most of the time it is not. Many designers and developers are abusing the awesome power of the infinite scroll and just throwing it anywhere they want. Well that’s alright I suppose unless you have all of your company info in the footer. If you do, the user is having a horrible experience trying to click that company contact link. Every time that the user reaches the bottom more awesome content is generated magically before there eyes and more magic happens… the footer disappears again.

As a front end developer my job is to make sure that the user experience and user interface is optimal for the best visit possible. Now I admit, I have gone overboard at times with some cool features, mostly transitions. I do though feel for users that are not that web savvy and are trying to just get some hidden info at the bottom of that web page.

A great example how to use the infinite scroll would be Mashable was smart enough to take their footer content and throw it in the nav bar. Great job Mashable!

So remember, if you want to use the infinite scroll, use it wisely. Don’t over do it. Otherwise your user will have a great time until they need that info at the bottom of the page.

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