Riad Kilani is going 2014

Hey everyone, sorry it’s been a while, but I have been slammed at work. Anyways, I have been doing work on the site, and responsive is getting into place now, but there are just a few things that I am not happy with, and don’t feel its worth the time to design and develop fixes. So, I have decided to redux my site. I am going to give it a new design, make it responsive, and move a few things around. I will put my portfolio, blogs, and tutorials all on different sub-domains, and each on with its own flavor.

For the time being, I will keep responsive on the site here, but things that will not be fixed right now are the menu, footer, homepage, and contact page. Other pages are fine right now, and I will do a simple menu for responsive just so you can get around.

Thanks for visiting and keep an eye out for the refresh.

I will post regular updates here on this page, and I will log the process from design to finish giving everyone an idea on “how I built Riad Kilani 2014”.

10/26/2013 update

OK, so I have decided to keep RiadKilani.com as is, and just do some rebuilding on it and move it to blogs.riadkilani.com. It will be mainly my blog and tutorial site. I am going to do a landing site for all my other sites that will showcase my latest work, link to other sites of mine and be developed heavily on a front end developer basis. What that means is, it will be awesome.  Keep an eye out!

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