Riad Kilani V3.0 Final Stages

Ok, so I had taken a few days off from developing 3.0 but started back today. I have completed the Home, Blog, Single and Archive pages, and will start work on the portfolio and category pages tomorrow. I can honestly say, I can see myself doing updates as the weeks go by simply because the longer I spend developing, the more changes I want to make. Us people in the web world are such perfectionists. We want it done right.

So, the final pages are:

  1. Portfolio
  2. Category
  3. Contact

Currently I am hosting with Godaddy, but am seriously considering change. For one, Godaddy’s servers have gotten very slow, secondly within a year, my sites have been down 4 different times do to their fault. I have been thinking about Host Gator but not sure.

Leave a comment below, and tell me what is your favorite hosting, and why?

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