Recuva – Life Saving Data Recovery

Recuva, data protection to live with.

Ok, I know it’s been a bit, I have been busy. I had to get this out though. I recently had a hard drive failure, and when I replaced the drive, when I started to transfer ALL my data from my backup drive to my new one, my backup died. I thought I lost everything, but luckily, I came across Recuva from Piriform. It was able to search the drive, and literally recover files I thought I would never see again. Such a life saver! If anyone ever has issues with data loss, try it. It’s free, and probably one of the best.

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  • Dave Styles

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! I was having a similar problem except I had accidentally deleted a bunch of files that i needed. I downloaded recuva and it worked! Thanks man, I subscribed!