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Internet Explorer Support

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I have been asked why I have chosen not to support earlier versions of Internet Explorer. The reason is simple. IE has their own rules when it comes to web standards, even though the W3C is the one in charge of making the current web standards.

Even though it is possible to work around the limitations of the earlier browsers, it is a daunting task, and simply unnecessary. Many web designers / developers and even major website companies such as YouTube and others have geared away from the awful browser know as IE 5/6 and even 7.

If a user is still using an early version of Internet Explorer, I’m asking you to abandon that browser, and just upgrade to at least Internet Explorer 8. The current version in Internet Explorer 9, and if your computer is able to handle the browser, grab it. You will not be sorry if you do. IE 9 is a browser that has come from Fred Flinstone power, to modern age, worthy of competition. Even I am not shy to use it from time to time.

If you want to use a great browser though, I recommend FireFox, Google Chrome or Apple Safari. These are the leading browsers, and most supported by web designers. If you choose to stick with Internet Explorer I recommend updating to the latest version. If you do, you will overall have a much better experience on the web. Internet Explorer 9 has support for HTML5 as well as CSS3. That mean’s a much better user experience.

All in all, I wonder why Microsoft insists on hindering Internet Explorer from being the best browser. I know, I prefer Mozilla Firefox, and then Google Chrome as a secondary choice.

To upgrade to the latest version of Internet Explorer, you can visit here.

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  • Mike

    So what about when people are using that browser? If you don’t support IE6, aren’t you basically saying you don’t care about the user?

    • Riad

      No, it’s not as if I don’t care for the user. Actually, by letting people know that IE6 is outdated is actually doing them a huge favor. Many users simply don’t know the difference between the newer browser, and their current browser, so they stick to what they know.

      What my intentions are is to let users know that the web no longer supports IE6, and Most companies don’t either.